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Styx Trading

Unlocking your understanding of financial markets

What You Will Learn


Understand the mentality required to be a consistently profitable trader and how to change your belief system.

Auction Market Theory

Using Auction Market Theory to understand why and how the market moves as it does.

A+ Trading Setups

Learn a series of trading setups that have been proven to have a statistical edge over the market with high Risk Reward ratios.

Multiple Timeframe TA

Learn how to perform technical analysis on multiple higher timeframes to guide you on where the market is likely to move.

Order Flow

Learn how to use order flow as a microscope to give you better entries and learn how to spot when market momentum is shifting.

Options Flow

Learn how to use options flow to understand how the biggest dynamic players in the market are positioned and how we can take advantage of that.

A complete and holistic course designed to give you all the tools needed to become a CPT.

Most trading courses only focus on a few select setups designed to work in specific circumstances. We go one step further by giving you the mental, knowledge, and process frameworks needed to build a complete and holistic trading system which will allow you to view the market as a whole and build your own thesis on where the market will move and how to best to capitalize on this.


What previous students have said

This course has allowed me to take my trading to next level. Mrgud really is the real deal. This course has changed my entire philosophy about the details of trading…how to get rid of the fear, when to enter and exit, what should be included in pre market preparation, how to hold trades for longer profits. learned so much I could write a book.


I want to give a big thank you to Mrgud for his course.  I couldn’t find consistency before as I didn’t have the proper framework. I learned a lot about my own trading psychology.  Following a process and understanding a program was a game changer for me.  Everything was a straightforward, no BS approach and weekly steps made it easy for me to see when something was a struggle and I needed more work, or if I was ready to continue.


The course has opened my mind about the nature of the markets, it helped me embrace uncertainty and deal with fear (my biggest challenge). The methodology shows you the path to be the “casino” and trade with the odds in your favor. The course has helped me transition from a discretionary trading environment to a system based environment where were are taught solid setups that work.



Former Students who are on the way to becoming CPT’s





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