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Styx Advanced Trading Course

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Understanding the basics of how we interpret the market and use that interpretation to enter and exit trades is a prerequisite for entry into this course.  You must have taken the Styx Trade Foundations Course before enrolling in this course


The course will run 10 weeks. During the course you will work towards building an understanding of the market participants, their agendas, when they are most likely to engage, how to be prepared in advance, how to view markets as businesses, and how to trade with the monetary flows.

You will gain access to proprietary indicators for Sierra Chart that we have built that will aid you in the process of building your understanding of and identifying the market participants and the monetary flows.

You will refer back to several lessons from the Foundations Course and learn how to adapt to reading the market to highly increase your winning trade percentage rate.


Lesson 1- Gamma

  • Establish what is gamma and who are the participants involved
  • How is it calculated
  • What does it mean? Who is using it? Why is it so important?
  • What agenda does it show?
  • Homework

Lesson 2 – Systemic Strategies

  • Why are systemic strategies important
  • How do they affect price action we trade
  • What tools can we use to see these
  • Homework

Lesson 3 – GVAs

  • Proprietary indicator that will help you see the edges of the market before price gets there.
  • Know who is sitting on the bid/offer in advance and probable ranges for the day
  • Where the market is most likely to shift and improve your edge
  • How to use the different charts to identify ranges for GlobeX and RTH.
  • Homework

Lesson 4 – Volatility

  • What is volatility and different buckets
  • How does volatility affect our trading
  • Applying our edge and developing an additional edge into our trading plans
  • Homework

Lesson 5 – Momentum and Who’s in control

  • What momentum indicators we can use
  • Increase our edge on continuation trades or initiating trades
  • What products this is most effectively used on.
  • How to identify who is in control and when that control shifts
  • Planning your trades with more depth and improving timing
  • Homework

Lesson 6 – Positioning

  • Who are the different traders
  • Where are they in the market?
  • What will they look for?
  • Homework

Lesson 7 – Other instruments

  • What other instruments do we watch and why
  • Adding these to our PMP
  • What are the best edges we can gain from this
  • Homework

Lesson 8 – Internals and day types

  • What internals we use
  • How to identify trend and rotational moments
  • Key day points and why they matter
  • Homework

Lesson 9 – Advanced PMP

  • Develop your edge by being the most prepared in the market
  • Increase your edge by seeing who is in control and what they are doing
  • Increase your understanding of possible PA moves based on who is forced to do what and where.
  • Increase your edge in reading market reversal signals
  • Homework

Lesson 10 – Additional application and documentation

  • Further factors to track
  • How to focus on the proper metrics
  • Other indices to apply and why
  • Homework


Beginning week 1 you will learn to refine your edge in the market to trade with the flows and understand when those are likely to change. You will gain access to new indicators and information as we go through the course.

Lessons will be weekly, and you will gain access to a private discord server where these concepts can be discussed in real-time and we will have screen shares during market hours to refine these concepts. The student will be expected to make their own PMP with the knowledge learned each step of the way and is responsible for their own trading. Journaling and self-awareness are critical to gaining the maximum advantage.

1 review for Styx Advanced Trading Course

  1. Ilhan (verified owner)

    I would like to thank Jon. He took me to the next level. Through the Foundation course, I already had advanced knowledge of the rules of market dynamics and our largest market participants.
    Regarding the Advanced Course, I already had the privilege of learning from market makers in the past. But the options traders’ theta/gamma issue, as I call it, is bigger and more present in the futures markets than you think. Jon took me to the next level here. The training is so coherent, complete and understandable.
    With this course I am able to make trades without asking myself the question “What if?” Just without any worries. This has given me the ability to trade stress-free. Jon’s willingness to help traders in need, rounds him off as a great and competent coach. What a blessing for me.

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